Can Cha De Bugre Help You Get Focused To Study or Workout?

When you are looking for an edge to win the study game or want that extra energy or motivation at the gym, look no further than South America. Cha De Bugre has been used there for many years and is starting to make its way north. It may help you ace your next exam or blast through that workout.

What is Cha De Bugre? While native to Brazil, Cha De Bugre is a tropical tree that can also be found in the forests of Argentina and Paraguay. Red fruit produced by the tree looks very much like the bean coffee comes from. Just like the coffee beans, the fruit is roasted and brewed as a substitute for coffee.

In Brazil Cha de Bugre is common in many diet supplements. It is reported that Cha de Bugre’s energy boost is a natural appetite suppressant.

It is also revered as a general tonic to help with heart function and circulation.

Wound healing is said to be helped with direct application of Cha de Bugre.

What does Cha de Bugre do? Many people believe Cha de Bugre decreases appetite, but there has been no scientific documentation about that. Cha de Bugre needs further study to see if it has any direct medical uses.

Rhodiola – A Soviet Study Aid Secret?

Russian Student By Kremilin StudyingRhodiola is a special herbal addition to any healing arsenal. It grows robustly in dry and sandy areas with high altitude levels and in Arctic areas. Russian nutritionists have long studied Rhodiola, specifically the species Rhodiola Rosea and its effects on boosting energy and helping with mental fatigue, Since the ending of the Cold War, Soviet scientists have been sharing some of their knowledge with the rest of the world. Since its introduction to the rest of the world, scientists all over have been looking closely at the herbs many benefits and uses. These new studies are showing and confirming the useful applications of Rhodiola, Finding that the herb does offer many benefits for both physical and mental exhaustion many people face in the modern world.

Stress is a part of life and can have serious repercussions on our well being. rhodiola seems to be a great assistant in the body’s response to stress. Finding effective strategies to deal with stress is becoming a major concentration for both medical doctors and mental health specialists. Practical and natural solutions to these daily stresses are being sought and Rhodiola seems to be one of the unsung heroes of this search.

Rhodiola Rosea helps to balance the body’s natural stress-response systems, relieving stress. The stress-response system is made up by the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and the parasympathetic system which helps balance the body to a relaxed state for healing. Depression, fatigue and even the feeling of edginess could be symptoms of constant stress. By acting as an adaptogen, Rhodiola Rosea can strengthen the body’s reaction to mental and physical stressors.


It’s thought that the herb influences key brain chemicals like serotonin and norepinephrine and other naturally occurring feel-good chemicals as  beta-endorphins.2,3

Some Natural Alternatives For A.D.H.D. Medications Are Becoming Popular

ADHD AlternativesIf you have ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, then you might know how hard it is to focus when trying to study or complete other tasks. Many students and parents of students face this problem almost every day. When a Doctor diagnoses someone with ADHD they often prescribed pharmaceutical drugs These prescriptions are commonly used and often with good results treating the symptoms of ADHD. Even though they are often effective, they may come with side effects that are undesirable. These side effects are leading more and more people looking for effective alternatives to ADHD treatment. Natural medicine or the use of herbs is one form of alternative treatment that people can choose from.A normal question when hearing about natural alternatives for ADHD is Many people have chosen alternative treatments for focus and energy with good results. Although there is not much study into the effectiveness of natural alternatives for ADHD. This is typical for natural alternatives because there is lack of funding and possibly lack of financial gain on the part of the drug companies. Large pharmaceutical companies have a lot more funds and research budgets for clinical trials and studies. Based on the results and reporting by many people and parents of children with ADHD, these natural alternatives show strong anecdotal evidence of being effective for many people who try them.

Many people using traditional drugs are experiencing issues that outway the benefits. Side effects of any treatment should never be ignored and addressed in one form or another. Some side effects of pharmaceutical drugs can be very dangerous so no one can be blamed for seeking a natural alternative for energy and focus

The good news is that natural herbs for ADHD do not seem to have many or any side effects. The natural ingredients used are a comfort to the parentsHerbs for focus and energy of students due to the high level of safety. People should be aware that not all remedies promoted for the treating ADHD are effective even if they are considered a safe alternative to Adderall or other drugs. Some natural products have received less than stellar reviews so look for products with ingredients with some research behind them.

Some of these natural remedies use a combination of herbs and plants, choosing the best from all over the world including China, Russia, and South America. Premium ingredients of show premium results increasing energy and focus while studying and working on other projects.

Vitamins and minerals are an added benefit to using some herbs and natural medicine that you won’t find in drugs. People with ADHD and parents of students should try a few different herbal blends to see what works best for them.

Study Aids And Tips

It’s crunch time! You have been taking notes all semester and its time to study, The test is right around the corner and you want to be as ready as you can. How do you keep your energy and focus up when you are studying? The best tip may be: Schedule your study time. You know when you are at your best, take advantage of that, It may be in the morning for you or maybe later in the evening. Choose YOUR best time. The worst times to set up a study block may be during meal times or when you are normally sleeping. Your body will remind you that you should be studying! Block out your time in short thirty minute blocks. 30,30,30 may be more effective than one 2-hour session.

Using natural light can help you studyIf you can use natural lighting. The body recognizes daylight as a productive time. If you are in the library, try to sit by the window during the day. You can also buy lamps that mimic natural light. Natural lighting seems to elevate our moods too and that can lead to more energy and focus all by itself. Think about how you feel in a dim room or on a gloomy day? That will mellow most people out. Study time is not chillax time! Good lighting will help you remain focused when cracking the books to study. Who would have thought sunlight was a natural study aid?

Here is a killer studying tip, if you can pull it off. Study in the same environment and conditions that you will be tested in. If you have access to the classroom or lecture hall you will be taking the test in – study there, You will feel much more comfortable on test day. Now we can always get that kind of access, but we can mimic the conditions. Studying at a desk instead of laying in bed will help unless the teacher will let you take the test laying down. Things like the chair you will be using, the lighting and the temperature of the test room can even be approximated. When its time to take the test you may feel significantly less nervous because

Now here is the question that students and parents often don’t agree. Does listen to music in the background while studying help or hurt the proce

Music to study by

ss? Some studies have shown that listening to calming music in the background actually helps some people study better and stay focused. What music you consider claiming and your parents may differ – a lot, but the key to this technique is music Keeping the music low can block out other distractions and help you focus on study. Another natural study aid is right there on your iPod!

We just touched upon a few focus factors like lighting, music and where to study. The bottom line is you have to do the studying to make the grade. I hope these study tips help you ace your next test!

Polyrhachis Ant: Power Food?

Chinese herbalists have long held Polyrhachis Ant in the highest regard as one of the most effective adaptogenic herbs. Adaptogenic herbs help restoreAnts Studying statue balance to the mind and body. Polyrhachis Ant has long been included as a dietary supplement in Asian countries and added to the daily diet. This mighty ant hailing from the mountain regions has long been thought to help in the restoration of Qi, increasing energy and vitality. Polyrhachis Ant helps the body adapt quickly and is considered one of the most potent and effective adaptogenic herbs on earth. Traditional Chinese medicine has considered polyrachis ant to be the same league as many other superior tonics, such as Reishi and Ginseng root. Famous for its ability to strengthen health in all aspects, Polyrhachis Ant is considered a

Some of the benefits touted for Polyrhachis Ant are: Increase ATP production, Top Source for Zinc and a high concentration of vitamin B.

Polyrhachis Vicina Roger is the only species approved as a dietary supplement in China, even though over 400 species of ant have been studied. Polyrhachis Vicina Roger, as its also called, has 8 amino acids which are needed by the body. Some of the essential vitamins it supplies are B1, B2, B12 and D along with minerals such as calcium, iron, and zinc. Over 65% of the weight (dry) of Polyrhachis Ant is protein. That’s 8-13 times more than milk, chicken, fish or beef!