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Study Aids And Tips

It’s crunch time! You have been taking notes all semester and its time to study, The test is right around the corner and you want to be as ready as you can. How do you keep your energy and focus up when you are studying? The best tip may be: Schedule your study time. You know when you are at your best, take advantage of that, It may be in the morning for you or maybe later in the evening. Choose YOUR best time. The worst times to set up a study block may be during meal times or when you are normally sleeping. Your body will remind you that you should be studying! Block out your time in short thirty minute blocks. 30,30,30 may be more effective than one 2-hour session.

Using natural light can help you studyIf you can use natural lighting. The body recognizes daylight as a productive time. If you are in the library, try to sit by the window during the day. You can also buy lamps that mimic natural light. Natural lighting seems to elevate our moods too and that can lead to more energy and focus all by itself. Think about how you feel in a dim room or on a gloomy day? That will mellow most people out. Study time is not chillax time! Good lighting will help you remain focused when cracking the books to study. Who would have thought sunlight was a natural study aid?

Here is a killer studying tip, if you can pull it off. Study in the same environment and conditions that you will be tested in. If you have access to the classroom or lecture hall you will be taking the test in – study there, You will feel much more comfortable on test day. Now we can always get that kind of access, but we can mimic the conditions. Studying at a desk instead of laying in bed will help unless the teacher will let you take the test laying down. Things like the chair you will be using, the lighting and the temperature of the test room can even be approximated. When its time to take the test you may feel significantly less nervous because

Now here is the question that students and parents often don’t agree. Does listen to music in the background while studying help or hurt the proce

Music to study by

ss? Some studies have shown that listening to calming music in the background actually helps some people study better and stay focused. What music you consider claiming and your parents may differ – a lot, but the key to this technique is music Keeping the music low can block out other distractions and help you focus on study. Another natural study aid is right there on your iPod!

We just touched upon a few focus factors like lighting, music and where to study. The bottom line is you have to do the studying to make the grade. I hope these study tips help you ace your next test!