StudyAll contains a proprietary blend of Polyrachis Ant, Rhodiola Rosea, Cha De Bugre, Caffeine and BioPerine® that provides StudyAll with its unparalleled focus and energy providing prowess and its ability to help you study all day or study all night.


StudyAll utilizes Polyrhachis Ant for its tremendous energy and focus enhancing capabilities. It is safe, natural and highly nutritive, and is one of the best sources for bio-available zinc in the world. It has more zinc than any other living organism except perhaps one type of shellfish. This is important in terms of StudyAll’s effects because the zinc in Polyrhachis Ant plays a role in the production of Omega 3 fatty acids in the brain which are important in brain functioning.

Zinc can contribute to behavioral changes through its regulatory effects on not only fatty acids but also certain brain neurotransmitters and melatonin. For these reasons, zinc may be useful in treating many cognitive and mental imbalances such as a lack of an ability to focus. In fact it is sometimes used with people who have ADHD who do not respond well to stimulant medications.

Polyrhachis Ant is also important in terms of StudyAll’s results in that it is said to increase ATP Production. ATP is short for Adenosine Triphosphate. It is a small molecule used in cells as a coenzyme. It is often referred to as the “molecular unit of currency” of intracellular energy transfer.

ATP transports chemical energy within cells, and it provides the energy to power neurons in your brain. It is the energy that feeds every cell, providing energy directly to the human body. Increases in ATP concentrations have been known to enhance performance during high-intensity exercise.

StudyAll Nutrition Information

Polyrhachis Ant has been used for centuries by Chinese herbalists and nobles. It is regarded as the Herb of Kings in the Chinese Medicinal Classic called Ben Cao Gang Mu which was written by Legendary Herbalist Li Chi Zhen.

Perhaps this is why ant is regarded as a tonic herb of the highest order and was also a favorite tonic herb among the ruling elite of Ancient China as found in the Imperial Records. Over 400 known species of ants have been studied in China, and Polyrhachis Vicina Roger is the only species that the China Ministry of Public Health has approved as a dietary supplement.

Polyrhachis Ant contains 8-13 times the protein of milk, chicken, duck, beef, mutton and fish. It is extremely rich in nutrients, including significant amounts of vitamins B1, B2, B12, D and E. Polyrhachis Ant contains more than 42% protein and provides 8 essential amino acids.

Polyrhachis Ant is also rich in more than 20 trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, and especially zinc. Polyrhachis Ant is a unique and highly nutritive ingredient. It helps make studying and school work in general a breeze. StudyAll’s energy and focus elements are made superior to all other energy and focus products on the market today through the use of this amazing ingredient.

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StudyAll utilizes Rhodiola Rosea, an adaptogen that provides incredible brain boosting and energy enhancing power. Rhodiola Rosea enables StudyAll to help your body adapt to environmental, physical and chemical stress. After all, it’s not easy to study when you’re all stressed out.

StudyAll utilizes Rhodiola Rosea for increasing mental capacity and physical stamina. Rhodiola Rosea may also have the potential for improving memory. Many users of StudyAll also find that it improves their mood, and lessens anxiety in times of stress.

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StudyAll contains Cha de Bugre which is a tree native to Brazil and can also be found in the tropical forests of Paraguay and Argentina. It contains low levels of naturally occurring caffeine. It is used for energy and sometimes as an alternative to coffee.

Although it is not StudyAll’s focus, Cha de Bugre is used throughout these countries as a diet aid. It is said to suppress appetite by giving one the feeling of being full so your stomach is satisfied with less food. Cha De Bugre’s energy is clean and as such, plays an integral role in making StudyAll’s energy elements so unique and powerfully effective.

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StudyAll contains caffeine which has been shown to improve concentration, focus and energy. Caffeine has also been shown to improve reaction time and logical reasoning during times when sleep isn’t possible or is restricted. In Japan, researchers have shown that caffeine increases memory. Also, a newer study out of Johns Hopkins University showed that a 200 mg caffeine pill helped boost memory consolidation. Caffeine has been used for decades by students to keep them up and alert while studying.

It’s worth noting that while some people are sensitive to caffeine, very few StudyAll buyers proclaim the caffeine it contains causes the jitters. StudyAll’s non-jittery effect may be due to the way the caffeine interacts with the other ingredients.

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StudyAll contains BioPerine®, a thermo-nutrient that is a patented black pepper extract created by a company by the name of Sabinsa. It is meant to aid in nutrient absorption by enhancing thermo-genesis. When the nutrients are more fully absorbed, the individual ingredients and overall formula become more effective.

Bioperine® is meant to assist in the absorption and bioavailability of all the other StudyAll ingredients creating an even more effective study aid in terms of clean, non-jittery energy and focus. To find out more visit

StudyAll, get ready, set and go! Study! Study! Study!